Cherry on top
kids clothing.

We create maximalist pieces for kids 0-12 with vivid imagination! 

Check out what makes us tick and which values you can expect from Jelly Alligator.

For cool people on the move

We are so jealous of how much energy kids and teens have! They are are so creative and always on the move: they are like that little bunny with a battery that never runs out! Our clothes are creative, innovative and with a huge touch of originality. Because we believe in a World full of opportunities instead of limitations.

Out of the box thinking

Kids clothing is not all about cute animals or replicas of dull, grey clothes that adults wear. Our collections are based on stuff that we think is cool rather than stuff that everyone else creates. We believe in originality and think that being different and unique are the strongest traits a kid (and adult) can have!

Shop independent: Doing a little dance every time we get good news!

We are a family company doing artisan production of clothes of great quality with an ethical mindset. We create clothes since 2016 and behind the brand are Piotr and Magdalena, a deadly duo in business and in private. Together with our three children Laura, Gabriel and Astrid we strive to have tons of fun while delivering as many products as possible that will put a smile on faces of children worldwide. Each time we make a sale, get positive feedback from our customers or see an awesome picture published on Instagram we really do a little, joyful dance around our desks. We care because this is our passion!